Founded in 1977, the journal Akkadica publishes scientific articles pertaining to the history and environment of Mesopotamia and its periphery, as well as philological (including editions of cuneiform texts) and archaeological studies.  It also accepts short scientific communications (Breviter) and reviews of recently published books (Libri Novi). 

Akkadica is a double blind peer reviewed journal, which was awarded the A1 label (Thomson-Reuters). It is published twice a year in two fascicles of each about 100 pages, one in June and one in December. Akkadica is available in a printed and in a digital version.

There are two subscription rates: one for paper and digital access and one for digital access only. Subscribers have free access to the digital archive of all back issues. To subscribe go to our webshop.

Akkadica receives subsidies from the 'Ministère de la Communauté française' of Belgium and the 'Universitaire Stichting/ Fondation universitaire', Brussels.



Michel Tanret (

Denyse Homès-Fredericq (


Assistant Editor

Vanessa Boschloos (


International editorial board

Paul Delnero (Johns Hopkins), McGuire Gibson (Univ. of Chicago), Brigitte Lion (Paris 1- Sorbonne), Eleanor Robson (University College London), Klaas R. Veenhof (Universiteit Leiden), Lorenzo Verderame (La Sapienza Università di Roma).


Guidelines for Contributors

1. Articles should be prepared using a recent version of Microsoft Word. Articles are accepted in English and French. For the text, bibliography and captions to figures use Times New Roman 11.  Please no line spacing, styles or formatting.

2. First name, name, full address (institutional affiliation), and email address of the first author must appear on the manuscript.

3. An abstract in English of max. 200 words and 5 key-words in English are required.

4. References are placed in the text (not inserted as footnotes) and as follows: BEAULIEU (1989) and BEEK et al. (1973, 5) or (BEAULIEU 1989; BEEK et al. 1973, 5), with author names in SMALL CAPS and enumerated chronologically starting with the most recent publication. 

Common abbreviations such as CAD, CT, RIA, etc., are acceptable. A comprehensive list of acceptable abbreviations may be found in Northern Akkad Project Reports 8 (Ghent), 49-65. For a digital copy of this list please contact the editor-in-chief at the email address below.

5. Additional information is given in footnotes. Footnotes are inserted before the punctuation mark ending the sentence.

6. The abbreviations for «figure», «plate» and «note» are «fig.», «pl.» and «n.» respectively.

7. BC and AD should be written in SMALL CAPS.

8. Please note that we avoid numbering headings; only in the case of long articles with many subheadings will numbering be applied.

9. Full bibliographic references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the text in accordance with the following examples:

  • Monographs:
    • BEAULIEU, P.-A., 1989: The Reign of Nabonidus King of Babylon 556-539 B.C. (= YNER 10), New Haven/London.
  • Books with one or more editors: (Ed.) for a book in English; (Hrsg.) for a book in German; (Éd.) for a book in French; and for all other languages, use Ed(s).
    • ATTINGER, P., SALLABERGER, W., WÄFLER, M. (Hrsg.), 2004: Mesopotamien. Die altbabylonische Zeit: Anna╠łherungen 4 (= Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 160/4), Fribourg.
    • BEEK, M.A., KAMPMAN, A.A., NIJLAND, C., YCKMANS, J. (Eds.), 1973: Symbolae biblicae et mesopotamicae Fransisco Mario Theodoro de Liagre Böhl deicatae (= Studio Francisci Scholten memoriae dicata 4), Leiden.
  • Articles:
    • BEAULIEU, P.-A., 1997: «The Fourth Year of Hostilities in the Land», BaM 28, 367-394.
  • Contributions in edited volumes:
    • READE, J.E., 1997: «Sumerian Origins», in FINKEL, I.L., GELLER, M.J. (Eds.), Sumerian Gods and their Representations (= CM 7), Groningen, 221-229.
  • Online publications: also provide DOI or permalink and the date the page was accessed. 
  • Reference to unpublished dissertations should be avoided. 

10. All images need to be provided in .tiff or .jpg format and the image resolution must be at least 350 dpi. For objects, plans and maps, a scale must be included. 

If a large number of colour illustrations are required, authors will be expected to make a contribution toward printing costs. Please contact the editor-in-chief regarding these costs.

11. Manuscripts should be sent to the editor-in-chief:


Supplementa ad Akkadica

This series publishes monographs on the history and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. 

From volume XIII onwards the volumes are double blind peer reviewed.

Book proposals can be submitted to the Editor of Akkadica (


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Akkadica Plus is a journal of broader scientific dissemination exclusively designed for and offered free of charge to our donating members. Every issue is dedicated to a different subject in connection with Near Eastern Archaeology, often linked to the yearly study trips organized by the ACGD. Up to now 39 issues have been published. 

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