Mission Statement

The aim of the Assyriological Center Georges Dossin is to contribute to the development of Assyriological studies in Belgium by promoting research on the history, epigraphy, languages and archaeology of the Ancient Near East.

In order to do so two scientific publications, the journal Akkadica and the monograph series Akkadica Supplementum are published with contributions by Belgian and international scholars in this field. Wider dissemination of knowledge for the general public is important to us. It is achieved through the organization of lectures and visits to exhibitions relating to the Ancient Near East in Belgium and abroad. In order to promote research, books and journals are donated on a regular basis, to the library of our host institution: the Royal Museums of Art and History, where our lectures also take place.

The ACGD has established many links with the international Assyriological and Archaeological scientific community.


President of the ACGD Em. Prof. Dr. D. Homès-Fredericq
Director Em. Prof. M. Tanret

Em. Prof. Dr. E. Gubel

Scientific secretary Dr. I. Moriah Swinnen




Prof. Dr. K. De Graef UGent
Prof. Dr. K. Abraham KULeuven
Prof. Dr. J. Tavernier UCL
Prof. Dr. L. Colonna-d'Istria ULiège




IBAN BE75 2100 3716 0651