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Georges Dossin

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Georges Dossin
Wandre, 04 feb.1896 - 08 dec.1983

General information about the Foundation Georges Dossin


Ph.D. in classical philology, subsequently in oriental history and literature of his home university (Liège), Georges Dossin owed his academic training to François Thureau-Dangin and Vincent Scheil, who entrusted him with the publication of Sumerian and Akkadian texts from Susa.Participating in the excavations of Mari conducted by André Parrot since 1933, Georges Dossin deciphered and copied thousands of tablets.  Forming a new generation of Assyriologists in Belgium, he always remained in close contact with colleagues and disciples in France.  In 1958, he was nominated membre associé étranger de l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres and co-founded with Thureau-Dangin the Rencontres Assyriologiques which he presided until 1975.

A bibliography of Georges Dossin compiled by Ph. Talon was published in the "Recueil Georges Dossin". Mélanges d’Assyriologie (1934-1959, Leuven 1983 (= Akkadica Supplementum I), pp. XIII-XVII. cf. also Akkadica 36 (1984), pp. I-III for a necrology by J.-R. Kupper and Craibl 1984, p.607 (R.-H. Bautier).


[Extract of the aims of the Assyriological Foundation as published in a letter of 07 december 1976 accompanying the first volume of Akkadica]

…In order to contribute to the extension of the Near Eastern collections of the Royal Museums for Art and History (Musée du Cinquantenaire) as well as to the development of Assyriological studies in Belgium including the diffusion of Belgian academic activities in the realm of Near Eastern studies, a non-lucrative association has been founded on 28.06.1976 entitled:


Placed under the aegis of the founder of the Belgian Assyriological school, Monsieur G. Dossin, Prof. em. of the universities of Brussels and Liège, the social seat and secretariat of this new foundation will be hosted in the Royal Museums for Art and History, 10 Parc du Cinquantenaire, B-1000 Brussels, e-mail: akkadica@kmkg-mrah.be

The aims of the foundation as defined in the second article of the ordinances include:
  1. To contribute to the development of Assyriological studies in Belgium;
  2. To promote scientific research in the realm of the history, epigraphy, linguistics and archaeology of the ancient Near East;
  3. To create a center for documentation, intensitives and research;
  4. To enhance the Antiquity library of the Royal Museums for Art and History;
  5. To establish, in the aforesaid institution, a photographic database;
  6. To promote excavations in the Near East;
  7. To provide funding for study-travels and publications;
  8. To organize lectures and scientific meetings;
  9. To develop exhibition projects.

The Assyriological Foundation Georges Dossin will establish contacts with similar scientific organizations.
The aims as defined under the foregoing article of the ordinances are non-restrictive.  Other aims suggested by its members may be taken into consideration.